Current C.E.O Ms Georgina Ricard,historically took over management of the LIVE STONE MINERALS from her deceased dad Akulugo Richard,a business tycoon noted for his braveness and philanthropic heart that earned him unmeasurable worthy enterprises some of which is still not know to his children.Georgina had no choice to take over this  multi billion dollar worth company ,abandoning her life in the UK because of immerse pressure from some family members who believes she is the only heart of her dad,Akulugo,and she is the only one Akulugo will love to 'refresh' this company.Akulugo's reasons for this is still not known.May be Georgina knows.But all those who knew the relationship between dad and daughter knows one thing for sure,Akulugo loves her daughter so much.

Ms Georgina Richard
CEO,Live Stone Minerals,Ghana
Direct Mobile +233 245 47 37 41
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